Tuesday: Robert Kanigel Book Launch: "Eyes on the Street"

Sept. 20

As Baltimore struggles to reinvent itself after a tumultuous two years—looking into its heart, soul, and physical surroundings—urban visionary Jane Jacobs might cast her eyes over our city’s landscape to suggest all its issues are deeply intertwined. Baltimore author Robert Kanigel will be launching his new book “Eyes on the Street: The Life of Jane Jacobs” at the Ivy Bookshop and this biography, a deep dive into Jacobs’ life and work, makes it clear how Jacobs’ once-radical treatise on urban life has seeped into all aspects of contemporary urban planning. The author of the 1961 classic “The Death and Life of Great American Cities,” and seven other books, Jacobs examined what made some streets safe and other dangerous while also looking at what makes some neighborhoods thrive while others fell apart. She paid attention and turned her sharp gaze on motorists, pedestrians, children, shoppers, and shop-keepers in order to study, like an eloquent scientist, their interactions as they moved through the built environment. Kanigel’s biography looks at Jacob’s own life and how her experiences colored her politics, activism, and legacy. 7 p.m., The Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Road, (410) 377-2966, theivybookshop.com, free. (Karen Houppert)

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