Tuesday: Oneohtrix Point Never

March 15

Around the time of the fall release of Oneohtrix Point Never's "Garden Of Delete," there was a show over at Springteen Gallery which featured the work of Nandi Loaf, a Brooklyn artist exploring commerce, late capitalism, the '90s, nu-metal, fandom, and memory. City Paper titled the review "Garden Of Delete," drawing a comparison between Loaf's Slipknot-scouring work and the OPN's album (he refers to it as "cyberdrone") which forges sonic connections between noise, Korn, dubstep, techno, and other aggro subgenres and then tied it all around a loose concept exploring adolescence, alienation, and aliens. "Garden Of Delete" was also named one of City Paper's top ten albums of 2015. I explained it like this: "The creepy, yipping parts of a Skrillex song get bonked over the head by the clipping aggro parts of dubstep or the goofball freak-out parts of a Korn album counter sterile jazz fusion guitar. Meanwhile, heroin-high sample tweaking and hyper-pleasant new age chillax in the background. 'Garden of Delete' mines a specific kind of emotional maximalism which makes rage and sadness mythic but it has a sense of humor about it all." 8 p.m., the Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St., (410) 662-0069, theottobar.com, $15. (Brandon Soderberg)

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