Tuesday: I want to buy a building

Oct. 18

Every time I travel, I walk around the city or town ticking off the aspects of the place that appeal to me and thinking things like, “Hmm, I could live in this house here and be only a mile from that great hot dog restaurant” (as I did while in Cleveland for the Republican Convention) or, “Hmm, I could live here and have breakfast at that amazing diner every day” (as I did in Philly for the Democratic Convention). It’s a nonpartisan enthusiasm for imaging a different way of living. Same goes for spaces in Baltimore. I walk into, say, an industrial space and immediately consider the joys of living and working there. What if this was your living room but was so expansive it could be used as a rehearsal space? What kind of cool site-specific performances could you have in this alleyway that doubles as a dog run? If you’re curious about what it actually takes to buy a building, the Platform Gallery is holding a talk with Guerilla/Realty to help artists and anybody else who may have an erratic income or bureaucratic-phobia get a sense of what’s involved in trying to purchase space in the city. Promising to demystify the process of loans, grants, auctions, contracts, and other legalistic stuff, Guerilla/Realty’s presentation could be one way to promote gradual revitalization of our city rather than, say, the take-no-prisoners  brand of development manifested by Port Covington. 6-8 p.m., Maryland Art Place, 218 W. Saratoga St., (410) 962-8565, mdartplace.org, free. (Karen Houppert)

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