Thursday: Yellow Sign Theatre's Third Annual Gong Show

Dec. 31

For the third year, the artists at the Yellow Sign are closing out 2015 by doing what they do best: serving up old-timey and sometimes head-scratching entertainment. In previous years, the New Year's Eve Gong Show has included live music, inexplicable costumes, sideshow, burlesque, sketch comedy, and otherwise uncategorizable acts, plus nostalgia-inducing commercial breaks. You won't have to sit through any bad performances, as the "celebrity judges" will silence any remotely agonizing acts with the banging of a gong. And the show will end in time for you to hustle to the nearest bar for a midnight toast—luckily, Club Chuck is just next door. 9 p.m., The Yellow Sign Theatre, 1726 N. Charles St.,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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