Thursday: The Body, Krieg, Hivelords, Curse

May 26

"No One Deserves Happiness," the latest album by Providence, Rhode Island duo the Body—whose music is a maximalist do-whatever look at doom—is a kind of mutated "pop" album, with lots of electronics and synth sounds that's suddenly unafraid of syncopation. Also on the bill at this Maryland Death Fest-related show are Philly's fast-paced Hivelords, occasional the Body collaborators Krieg, who, if you ask me, are the best metal band making stuff right now—they are crafty and subtly weird and seem to masochistically locate creative freedom within the harsh tried and true boundaries of black metal—and Baltimore's synthy Curse (think Wume but meaner), whose excellent album "II" came out in March. 8 p.m., Metro Gallery, 1700 N. Charles St., (410) 244-0899,, $10-$12. (Brandon Soderberg)

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