Thursday: Terrence Hannum's "Beneath The Remains" Release Party

Aug. 11

There is a slow-growing subgenre of metal dewd-derived gritty melodrama happening in literature and movies as of late. Both works of fiction by the Mountain Goats' John Darnielle, "Black Sabbath's 'Master Of Reality'" and "Wolf In White Van" fit right in there and so do movies such as "Hesher" and "Hellion." All of these works locate the pathos of being young and pissed off and do so without the moralizing of past "youth gone wild" works. Add to this category, Terrence Hannum's excellent novella, "Beneath The Remains" (named after a Sepultura album by the way), about two metal-loving brothers living in central Florida and the disappearance of one of them. It is, as Adam Katzman wrote in City Paper last month, "a Lovecraftian horror story born out of that Florida context, with cult-ish church groups, sociopathic jocks, and the various dangers lurking in collapsed townships." Hannum, who is also a member of smearing drone-metal group Locrian, a solo artist, and occasional City Paper contributor, is one of the most fascinating talents in the city right now and a great talker and theorist about art, so hearing him read from and discuss "Beneath The Remains" should be particularly enlightening. 7 p.m., Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Road, (410) 662-4444,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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