Thursday-Sunday: High Zero Festival

Sept. 15-18

So High Zero Festival, Baltimore's much lauded weekend of experimental music and debatably the best of its kind in the whole country, usually falls on the week of Best Of Baltimore, which means we don't always get the opportunity to cover it as in-depth in the paper as we'd like (there's no space thanks to Best Of). It also means that I'm usually still a little tired from the sleepless week endured to put this thing out and hungover from the Thursday party, which is kind of nice way to experience High Zero and its clusters of improvisers all gathering together to discover new sounds right in front of your eyes and ears: the precipitous, exploratory sounds they're making go well with a hazy hangover. Among those performing this year are Ruby Fulton, Marta Zapparoli, Jeff Carey, Bushmeat Soundsytem, and Jenny Moon Tucker. All of them are worth seeing in any capacity, but especially at High Zero where they're in groups of anywhere from three to five people making something new in real time. 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 15, Sept. 16, and Sept. 18; noon and 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 17; Baltimore Theatre Project, 45 W. Preston St., (410) 752-8558,, $10-$16 ($45-$47 for a full pass). (Brandon Soderberg)

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