Thursday: Shelly Purdy, Ian Power, and Richard Craig perform Alvin Lucier

Oct. 29

American experimental composer Alvin Lucier's work explores the way in which we hear and perceive sound through clever and often haunting music that owes as much to performance pieces as it does to composition. His greatest "hit," if you will, is 'I Am Sitting In A Room,' in which Lucier (or the performer) plays a recording of a reading and then records the reading as it moves through the room and keeps on doing that until it's an unintelligible but oddly moving mass of sound. At the Red Room, Ian Power (who did a performance of 'Room' at 5th Dimension last year) and Richard Craig, along with Shelly Purdy, will perform some Lucier pieces including 'Vespers,' a head-spinning cacophony of clicking noises, and '947,' a hypnotic pairing of flute and oscillations. Work from Carolyn Chen, Jürg Frey, Craig, Power, and Purdy will also be performed. 8:30 p.m., Normal's Books and Music, 425 E. 31st St., (410) 243-6888,, $6. (Brandon Soderberg)

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