Thursday: Rum on the Roof: Lyon Distilling Co.

July 27

The people at the Maryland Science Center are no dummies. They know that humans are most motivated to learn when you make it fun and interesting, more so when you appeal to their taste buds. When I took my daughter there a few weeks ago we got to watch an employee make vanilla ice cream by swirling the ingredients with smokey, swirly dry ice. Not only did we learn about the science behind how the ice turned sugar, cream, and vanilla extract into a yummy treat, she got a cup of her own to sample as we walked around. The same theory applies with the older set. The Science Center regularly holds grownup-themed events, focusing on a variety of adult beverages. The activities give participants the chance to learn how their drinks of choice are created, along with a chance to imbibe while they learn. This time, it happens with Master Distiller Ben Lyon of Maryland-based Lyon’s Rum. Learn about how rum is made and then sample some cocktails. You’ll also get light fare to help soak up the booze. 7-9 p.m., Maryland Science Center, 601 Light St., (410) 685-2370,, $55-$60. (Lisa Snowden-McCray)

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