Thursday: WTMD 1st Thursday Concert

July 6

The ‘TMD free 1st Thursday afternoon concerts in the park have been happening since 2005, but they only moved to Canton’s waterfront a couple years ago, and they’re getting to be ridiculous. Two stages and six bands with food and beer outside is more like a music festival than a “concert,” and the bands booked for this show amp things up even more than usual. Robyn Hitchcock? This guy is some kind of icon. Like if Andy Warhol washed up on a beach somewhere, popped back to life and started singing and telling stories. Waxahatchee could’ve easily headlined. Katie Crutchfield has a raw voice that commands intimacy. The Weeks, with their jangly, countryfried pop, are the kind of band that would’ve headlined the show a few years ago and kept the green alive with dancing feet. Then there’s Ron Gallo. Watch this kid. With song titles like ‘All The Punks Are Domesticated,’ ‘Why Do You Have Kids,’ and ‘Young Lady You’re Scaring Me,’ he’s the perfect bookend to Hitchcock’s aural for-realism. And not even to mention Hollis Brown, whose ‘Run Right To You’ is now on heavy rotation on ‘TMD, or Baltimore’s own Outcalls, who sound something like The Roches would have sounded if the Roches had more opera and funk. Get there early. Don’t bring a cooler, booze, or anything in glass. 5:30 p.m., Canton Waterfront Park, 3001 Boston St.,, free. (Edward Ericson Jr.)

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