Thursday: Minus the Bear

May 26

I was tipsy at the Ottobar a few weeks ago and saw a flyer for this Minus the Bear show which hit me with all of the nostalgic #feels, as they say. I never got to see Minus the Bear live as a teenager—which was my peak MTB phase—because very few bands I liked ever came to through my Gulfcoast Florida suburb, which was, I guess, an awkward stop on a tour unless you're heading all the way down to Miami. Or, maybe they did come through but I had to work. Who knows. Still, 'Pachuca Sunrise' made it onto every mix CD I made for my boyfriends and I'd bump "Highly Refined Pirates" driving home from friends' houses, where we'd stayed up too late trading big realizations we'd recently uncovered about ourselves and the universe. The Seattle-based twinkly/synth-y indie band—who have, shockingly, continued to release music after my obsession with them faded—seemed to fit those moments of quiet reflection and overly-hopeful hookups and relationships, and there's nothing wrong with reliving those adolescent feelings every now and then. 8 p.m., The Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St., (410) 662-0069,, $22. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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