Thursday: Martina Lynch, JPEGMAFIA, Faraji, Mike of Doom, Jordxn Bryant, DJ Trillnatured

Nov. 12

Baltimore noise-rapper JPEGMAFIA (pictured) is probably my favorite person making art right now. His strain of hip-hop is informed by the avant-garde (see the screeching poem ‘I Wipe My Ass With Confederate Flags’), metal, and hardcore (at Floristree a few weeks ago, he chanted out a song whose hook goes, "Black Ben Carson, I'm the Black Ben Carson"), and he's got a Barthes-like approach to rap's signs and signifiers, which his songs often riff on and parody. And as a live performer, he's just unmatched in his intensity. The event, called Sweg, hosted by Neru Isis and organized by Llamadon, also features one of Baltimore City Paper's favorite spoken-word artist/MCs, Martina Lynch (of ‘No SunShine’ fame, which was City Paper's Best Song 2015), and DJ Trillnatured (City Paper's Best New DJ 2015). 9 p.m., The Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave., (410) 244-8855,, $5. 

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