Thursday: Justin Sirois: "Last Book of Baghdad"

June 30

Author and occasional City Paper contributor Justin Sirois—he does the Gamer's Grammar column—is perhaps best known for "So Say The Waiters," an expertly paced, episodic, sort of techno punk cult novel about an app that enables people to be kidnapped in a relatively safe manner. But back in 2012, he began the Fallujah Burning series, which similarly mixes heady ideas with raw emotion. The first book, "Falcons On The Floor," is a picaresque tale of a young man leaving his town of Fallujah to meet a girl he met on the internet right around the time the American military rolled through. The second part of the series, "Last Book Of Baghdad" which, okay, look, I haven't read it yet, and having read Sirois' books, I know not to even try and half-assedly explain the plot. It is undoubtedly good and adventurous and deeply moving and subtly genre-bursting. Sirois and editor Haneen Alshujairy, an Iraqi refugee who collaborated with Sirois on "Last Book Of Baghdad," will be in conversation with Bret McCabe—also a City Paper contributor—to talk about the book tonight. 7 p.m., Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Road, (410) 662-4444,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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