Thursday: It's Your Funeral

Oct. 29

We've all fantasized about our own funerals: who will be there, who cries, who regrets being a huge asshole, which stripper heels will you wear, what songs will be on the all-David Bowie playlist. The morticians at Charm City Fringe have graciously provided the opportunity to live out your own funeral. Think of this as a dress rehearsal, complete with a mortuary makeup station, a Victorian-style viewing room (we had pictured our wake being held in a cave or a karaoke bar, but that's cool), surprise musical performances (it's probably not David Bowie), and tarot-card readings. If you still haven't put together a Halloween costume, get there early for a workshop on costume and makeup design so you can create your getup with the help of professionals. It's all free, which is a whole lot cheaper than an actual funeral bill. Workshop 6 p.m., funeral party 8 p.m., Church & Company, 3647 Falls Road, (410) 914-7813,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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