Thursday: Busta Rhymes

June 29

Yo, as a shorty I was watching cartoons in the basement of the crib and I fell down and bumped my head. After that woozy feeling wore off and I regained my vision the cartoon was better, wackier, and filmed with a wide fish eye lens, stretching the edges of the frame and making the characters look bigger and closer. The tunes were loony, but there was no Porky Pig. Instead the main character was the outlandish, energetic, and freakishly avant-garde Brooklyn-born rapper Busta Rhymes. The former Leader of The New School emerged in the early ‘90s with his futuristic delivery, which was matched only by his trailblazing music videos. Busta Rhymes, along with other rappers such as Missy Elliott and Andre 3000, were the vanguards for afro-futurism in hip-hop in both sight and sound at the turn of the millennium. The outfits and wild videos weren't gimmicks to pull you in, rather complements to an unbridled imagination, as Busta Rhymes boasts several classics in his dystopian musical repertoire, garnering eleven Grammy nominations throughout his career. The Bus-a-Bus is bringing his high-energy performance style to Baltimore in what is sure to be an Extinction Level Event. 8:30 p.m., Rams Head Live, 20 Market Place,, $50-$55. (Reginald Thomas II)

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