Thursday: A Taste of Hampden 2015

Oct. 22

Our recent Best of Baltimore issue awarded Best Place to Open a Restaurant to Anywhere But Hampden. There are just too many restaurants opening their doors in Hampden and not enough elsewhere in the city. Slow it down, Hampden—too many cooks. Now, that's not to say that we don't love Hampden restaurants (or, at least, a bunch of them); we just want to spread that love around. That being said, we look forward to enjoying the art of Hampden's chefs from Birroteca, The Charmery, Golden West, Alchemy, Rocket To Venus, The Food Market, Corner Restaurant and Charcuterie Bar, and more as they come together under one roof to serve up their best "in three acts: savories, sweets, libations." 6-9 p.m., Hampden Family Center, 1104 W. 36th St., (410) 467-8710,, $40.

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