Sunday: Wing Dam, Den-Mate, Leggy, Sweepstakes

Oct. 29

Sweepstakes’ songs tend to boil over when Allyson Little’s voice rises to a fever pitch, breaking free of the endless catchy hooks and piercing the air. Like at the end of ‘Bad Enough,’ from their 2015 album “Tongues Out,” (their only album, I’ve listened to it about 30 times now), when she sings in dejected staccato that loses steam, but not vigor, with each period (“I want to be afraid/ and if I can’t. I wont. Be bad. Again.”); the song then fades off on a casual howl (“Ah, ah-ooooooo”), but then, just like in life where lows become highs and the things that drain us are also what sustains us, Little erupts into what feels like a transcendent wolf scream, full of guts and blood and aimed up at whatever masochistic entity is responsible for all this. These moments come often for Sweepstakes, a band that lives in sweet melancholic moments and though they describe themselves as “surf pop,” their music sounds more like walking alone on a deserted beach. In the moody yet somehow danceable title track, Little’s voice yields to a shimmering guitar solo, exactly what sunlight flickering on a lake sounds like. Catch them tonight with Wing Dam and out of towners Den-Mate and Leggy. 8 p.m, The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4848,, $7. (Brandon Block)

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