Sunday: Tender FM Vol. 19: The Sleepover

July 30

Listen, I've been doing this monthly Sunday evening ritual for like, more than a year now, and it really centers me and makes me feel OK—sometimes it makes me feel great, in fact. In that way it's like yoga, but less bendy: It's the monthly poetry/reading series Tender FM at The Crown, hosted by Janea Kelly and Anna K. Crooks. (Full disclosure, I read my poetry at this event once last year.) I know I just said it's like yoga, but it's also like getting so comfy in your bedroom in 2004 listening to some old throwback radio show; that certainly has something to do with the show's name and structure and the intermittent "Weather Report" and "Tender Thoughts" segments in which the hosts offer sorta off-the-cuff poetic rambles. Tonight's dress code is "sleepwear/PJs" which is all the more reason to go get cozy and listen to Brooklyn poet/editor Charles Theonia; Lewisberg, PA-based poet Raena Shirali; and local poet Saida Agostini along with Tender co-hosts Kelly and Crooks. The latter three were all featured in this year's Fiction & Poetry issue, which is still online in case you forgot to pick up a paper two weeks ago. From Agostini's poem which was included in that issue, 'upon discovering that Daniel Holtzclaw’s First Accuser was a 57 year old Grandmother': "my great granny had her own garden amidst graves, tilled soil until/ whole generations fed off stewed riots and grief, wiped their mouths/ and called it sweet." 8 p.m., The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4848,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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