Sunday: Stooper Bowl Spectacular

Feb. 5

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day when the portion of America that doesn't care about sports decides to bother paying attention. Or they show up to Super Bowl parties and vocalize their disinterest with ironic shouts of "sportsball!" and "home run!" (Please cut this out, y'all.) For anyone who chooses to keep not caring or only marginally cares, the Crown is hosting a Super Bowl party that promises music, comedy, and "performances by some of your favorite local arts scene weirdos," all while the game is screened. As of this writing, the lineup has not yet been announced, but come on, it's the Crown—you know what you're in for. "It'll be like if the super bowl was a fun thing to watch," the event page says. 6 p.m., The Crown Red Room, 1910 N. Charles St.,  (410) 625-4848,, $5. (Brandon Weigel)

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