Sunday: Raindeer, Echo Courts, Et Al, Trunkweed

March 6

Look kids, even at 31 I'm pretty much an old guy at the club these days, which is just fine other than the fact that getting older and seeing, enjoying, enduring so much live music and inhaling so many albums and all the rest can leave you cynical (other critics will call it "discerning" but it is fundamentally cynical to not let music into your ears and heart and soul and all the rest). So when a band like Trunkweed, who ostensibly just make loud-quiet-loud, anthemic weed-rock can touch an asshole like me, that's got to mean something. This trio has already evolved from a sort of stoned-er Real Estate on 2014's "Days Of Haze," to a more confessional Cloud Nothings on last year's "Trunkweed Live, Man" to a self-aware, slightly literary noisemakers on their upcoming album. They're also kind of troublemakers, which if we can get old on you for a moment, is sorely lacking from little rock bands these days, so worried about image and being "chill" and all the rest. 8 p.m., The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4848,, $7. (Brandon Soderberg)

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