Sunday: Pet Photos with Santa at Harbor East

Nov. 29

If you are an unmarried woman who happens to own cats, you probably get a lot of jokes about you being a crazy cat lady from friends and parents who are not-so-secretly worried that you'll be single forever. Sure, you might refer to your cats as the main men in your life, and you might own dresses, jewelry, and clocks that feature pictures of cats, but what's wrong with being a cat lady? Those who imply that a woman who loves furry tiny animals more than creepy human males is "crazy" clearly haven't realized how annoying at best (or dangerous, at worst) most men are. This holiday season, embrace your cat lady-ness, pack up your cats, and take them to the Circle at President Street in Harbor East for some complimentary pet photos. You'll receive on-site prints of your photos with your fur babies, as well as a link to download a digital file. Use the photo as your holiday card as a cheeky way of trolling the haters. And if you're more obsessed with canines than cats, don't worry, you can take pictures with your dogs, too. Photos are free, but consider helping out other animals by bringing a charitable donation for BARCS. 1-4 p.m., President and Aliceanna streets,, free. (Anna Walsh)

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