Sunday: Ian Nagoski: Ecstatic & Wingless: Bird-Human Interaction on 78rpm Discs ca. 1909-44

May 15

Last year, Ian Nagoski released "Ecstatic & Wingless: Bird-Imitation on Four Continents, ca. 1910-44," a compilation of commercially available bird sound records culled from recordings from the first half of the last century on his label Canary Records (other releases: "To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-1930" and "An Unseen Cloud: Commercial American Indian Recordings of the late-40s to mid-50s"). Now, hear the music researcher, record producer, and writer (occasionally for City Paper) talk about these old bird sound records, their "direct relationship on human performance—and human action," and the "practice of bird imitation," among other things. Nagoski is a local treasure really—an all around deep fucking thinker and masterful storyteller who makes the esoteric accessible and relevant. 7 p.m., The Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., (410) 276-1651,, $6-$11. (Brandon Soderberg)

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