Sunday: "Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe"

June 12

I first got a taste of “Ebon Kojo: The Last Tribe,” a one-man show by local musical performance collective Afro House, at last fall’s Charm City Fringe Fest. Written and performed by Scott Patterson, the lush “sci-fi tone poem” told the story of a general on an interplanetary mission to “recolor” a distant world. With one hand pounding a piano and the other simultaneously teasing a keyboard, Patterson belted his libretto, creating a kind of otherworldly sense of space and time and drive his character through environmental catastrophe and a search for identity. Since then, Afro House has further developed the piece during an artist residency at Single Carrot, where they’re staging another in-progress show followed by an audience talkback. Not often do audiences get to see and participate in the process of making live theater, and this show is one worth seeing in-flux. 7 p.m., Single Carrot Theatre, 2600 N. Howard St., (443) 844-9253,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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