Sunday: "Check It"

Oct. 9

This documentary focuses on a group of LGBTQ teens in Washington, D.C. who formed a gang about a decade ago to protect themselves bullies and being pushed around by homophobic and transphobic meatheads in their neighborhood and well, that's pretty fucking awesome. We smart open-minded types sometimes underrate the importance of just smacking fools down—but the documentary rightly wonders "what now?," especially as these kids enter adulthood and still have to navigate a toxic culture and no longer have the luxury of teenhood in which you can ostensibly make mistakes. Of course, it also highlights the camaraderie of crew and offers up a glimpse of what outsiders and those with few options get out of  so-called gangs. 2 p.m., Reginald F. Lewis Museum, 830 E. Pratt St., (443) 263-1800,, $6-$8. (Brandon Soderberg)

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