Sunday: Anti Street Harassment Day of Action

June 26

Lately I've been seeing grafitti on walls around the city that says "no cat-calling" and other anti-street harassment messages. Public statements like these won't eliminate rape culture, but it's important to put those messages out there in public spaces where street harassment occurs in order to confront perpetrators and lend support to women who are targeted with catcalls and other forms of harassment on a daily basis. Today, you're invited to chalk Hampden sidewalks with anti-street harassment messages, joined by writers and activists from Beast Grrl Collective, a local youth-led group that puts out excellent zines filled with intersectional feminist art, poetry, essays, and ramblings; and ETHIC (Education Through Interaction and Compassion), another local youth-led program focused on creating "interreligious dialogue amongst high school aged girls in Baltimore." Write your message, meet the two organizations, and stick around for a talk from Leah Michaels, co-director of Hollaback! Baltimore, part of a worldwide movement to end street harassment. 4 p.m., Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Road, (410) 662-4444,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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