Saturday: War On Women in-store

Nov. 28

If you missed feminist hardcore band War On Women during the Trans/Queer/Femme Weekend—P.S. sorry to say you blew it on that one—The Sound Garden is offering the chance to catch the group in the more intimate environs of an in-store acoustic performance. The 11 pummeling punk tracks on the band's self-titled album put a proverbial fist through societal forces that oppress women, but this type of show should offer a great opportunity to really home in on singer Shawna Potter's insightful and incisive words. Pay close attention. Also, the band will be signing copies of its record, and while the members are all total sweethearts who would definitely autograph your album at any show if you asked, at least this provides a context where you can do so and not feel like a goober. 4 p.m., The Sound Garden, 1616 Thames St., (410) 563-9011,, free. (Brandon Weigel)

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