Saturday: Vegan Mac 'N Cheese Smackdown

Feb. 20

I know, I know—vegan mac and cheese? If you're an omnivore, the idea of having mac and cheese without, you know, cheese sounds like utter heresy. I felt the same way until I started dating someone who's vegan and he took me to The Land of Kush to try its vegan mac. Does it taste exactly like real cheese? No, but it's shockingly close and delicious in its own right—an incredible example of what vegan cooks can do with soy and nut products. And there can be just as many varieties of vegan mac as the cheesy kind—stove top or baked, creamy or breadcrumb crunchy—but luckily for you, a ticket to this smackdown gives you samples of all the mac and cheese entries, plus a voting card to choose your favorite. Looking to put your vegan cooking to the test? Enter as a contestant to show off your mac-and-not-cheese skills. Proceeds support PEP Foods Inc., a collective of vegan businesses looking to promote vegan living as affordable and accessible to everyone. 3-6 p.m., Urban Business Center, 1200 W. Baltimore St., (443) 863-8652,, $25 to be a contestant, $10 to attend, $15 at the door to attend. (Anna Walsh)

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