Saturday: Vegan Food Fest

June 10

“Oh, you’re a vegan? I’ll hook up a nice garden salad for you.” Vegans were getting really tired of hearing that not so long ago, when hardly anyone knew how to make veggies delicious. Nowadays, veganism is breaking through that wall of mainstream cuisine with countless recipes representing all cultures, flavors, and dietary needs. Now we can enjoy vegan crab cakes, maple nut crunch smoothies, and vegan double fudge brownies without the artificial hormones and chemicals that come along with animal-based food. Delicious grub similar to these are served at restaurants like Land of Kush, One World Cafe, and Liquid Earth, which specialize in delicious vegetable-based cooking that has become a permanent part of Baltimore's culinary culture. The food, environmental, and social justice activists at Thrive Baltimore and local vegan chefs uniting to educate the city on veganism and show off their best recipes—including drinks and desserts—for the family to happily devour. Noon-5 p.m.,Thrive Baltimore, 6 E. Lafayette Ave., (443) 863-8652,, free admission. (Kenneth Stone Breckenridge)

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