Saturday: The Simurgh Artist Talk

May 21

Late last month, "The Simurgh," an all Iranian/Persian art show featuring work by Samira Abbassy, Cameron Shojaei, Taha Heydari, and Heidieh Ilchi opened up over at the Creative Alliance. "The Simurgh," by the way, is a winged, mythological bird creature from Persian folklore associated with healing and transformation, which is totally appropriate for a show which intends to counter the general lack of a Iranian/Persian representation in the American arts scene. Shojaei, who organized the show (and in an email to us, wrote "my grandma is fucking 92...and all she does is check the city paper for an article about me every week," which makes us like him and this show even more—that mix of serious intent but not taking yourself too seriously is ideal, really) and does thrilling, overpoweringly realistic paintings will give an artist's talk this Saturday. The exhibition is on view at the Creative Alliance until May 28. 3 p.m., the Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., (410) 276-1651,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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