Saturday: The Opening of the Museum of Trayvon Martin: A Meeting before Labor

Feb. 11

When I spoke to artist Malcolm Peacock last year in advance of his experiential/participatory artwork "Let the Sun Set on You," he reflected on the many ways in which the deaths of Black people affect history and spark movements, memorials, solidarity. Reflecting on his research for that piece, he said: "It was interesting how history affects death, and how death affects history, depending on who dies, depending on what dies, what will determine how it's spoken about." In this new work, Peacock continues to grapple with death and violence, this time looking at Trayvon Martin, whose death (and the acquittal of his killer) spawned the Black Lives Matter movement. With objects from 18 artists and contributors, this exhibition explores "different ways of perceiving and handling the realities of projections and inflictions of violence upon Black bodies and lives." The opening reception features three parts (parts one and two in the gallery, where visitors will be given more information; the third part is located at 1225 N. Calvert St.). The event description also states that non-Black people who wish to attend must arrive and be present with a Black person. Opening reception 7-10 p.m., exhibition up through March 4, Terrault Contemporary, 218 W. Saratoga St., 3rd floor,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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