Saturday: Tats for Cats! And, Dogs too!

June 25

As tempting as it would be to get a badass tattoo for your pet, it's hard to imagine any animal would sit long enough to get ink done. Then, you know, the fur would grow back and cover it up anyway. But what you can do is get a tattoo for yourself that will help furry friends like your dog or cat. On Saturday, Deville Ink will be donating a portion of sales from certain tattoo sheets to foster-based rescue shelter Pitties & Purrs. Hard up for cash or a bit squeamish about needles? That's okay. Deville will also be accepting donations of dog and cat food, kitty litter, snacks, and more. Noon-7 p.m., Deville Ink, 5920 Eastern Ave., (410) 400-9641,, minimum of $30. (Brandon Weigel)

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