Saturday-Sunday: SPX 2016

Sept. 17-18

Besides being in oh brother, Bethesda, the Small Press Expo is pretty idyllic. A massive room and then a few conference rooms full of small press, indie, underground, or whatever comics and prints and zines, allowing you to hand your money directly to the creators and publishers and, if it's not too busy or too weird, chat it up with them. But it's also bigger than similarly minded zine fairs such as PMF here in Baltimore—in a sense, SPX's early spirit has been subsumed by PMF—which makes it feel a little more populist. This year, the big names at SPX include Joe Sacco, Los Hernandez Bros., Lisa Hanawalt, and Trina Robbins, along with over 600 others. 11 a.m. on Sept. 17, noon on Sept. 18; Marriott North Bethesda Hotel and Conference Center, 5701 Marinelli Road,, $15 on Sept. 17, $10 on Sept. 18 ($20 for weekend pass). (Brandon Soderberg)

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