Saturday: "Retreat": William Lamson and Lu Zhang

Oct. 14

The old hard wood floors, the dark stone walls, and the spare/unobtrusive lighting in artist-run stalwart Area 405, the 170-year-old warehouse turned art gallery and studio building, sometimes seem like they're competing for attention with the art that's on display. For this exhibit, Baltimore artist Lu Zhang and New York artist William Lamson will be engaging the space more directly, presenting projects that result in a kind of meta plumbing of "site-specificity": site is studio is art. Zhang's last local residency/art show was "topo(log) typo(log)" at the Peabody library, where she presented a series of interactive books (containing xeroxed prints and polymer clay objects, among other things) she had made from her excursions into the books and shelves and histories there. CP's Maura Callahan wrote of that show: "Zhang taps into that Victorian spirit of inquiry which built this incredible space by letting us into her process, literally giving us all of the pieces without fully assembling them." Here, Zhang has made a studio out of the front part of 405's gallery, and her drawings, prints, and sculptural objects will move around throughout the run of the show—her practice is partly one of play and experimentation, a wandering pushback against stasis. In the back, Lamson projects his video project "Untitled (Infinity Camera)," in which a camera hooked up with mirrors and strapped to a "floating optical device" captured footage of New York City waterways in a seemingly dizzying, architectural, everything-all-at-once video. Opening reception 6-9 p.m., through Jan. 13, 2018, Area 405, 405 E. Oliver St., (410) 528-1968,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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