Saturday: Record Store Day at Celebrated Summer Records

April 16

The only time I ever waited in line for Record Store Day was back in 2012 at the Princeton Record Exchange for a "limited edition" locked groove 45 from Oneohtrix Point Never alter-ego or whatever Chuck Persons, titled "A.D.D Complete." You could feel the collective excitement and anxiety as music dweebs all waited in line talking about music and whatever limited thing they wanted that day. I got the 45. Mostly because I don't think all that many other people there really gave a shit, and if the the store had been all out of the 45—or not had it at all—that would've been just fine. What was much more rewarding was standing there and soaking in everybody's excitement over music and records. So head over to Celebrated Summer in Hampden on Record Store Day, whether there's some rare-ish LP you want or not, and, well, just be part of something. Along with some of the RSD exclusives which includes two Celebrated Summer exclusives (Wildhoney's "Your Face Sideways" and Mindset's "Nothing Less") there will be coffee from Charmington's and food form Headbangin' Hotdogs. 11 a.m., Celebrate Summer Records, 3616 Falls Road, (443) 866-9988,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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