Saturday: Post Pink, Maxine, Hystermajesty, Afia Lydia, DJ Nova

May 21

Last year, Post Pink's demo, "Too Pooped To Pip" was one of my favorites, especially the song ‘I Want To Believe’ with a sweet hook that goes, "I love watching TV with you/ I love TV, and I love you." And Bret McCabe in his CP review of the record wrote that "Too Pooped To Pip" is "where you might land when hopscotching from post-punk through art-punk, skipping from LiLiPut to Huggy Bear to God is My Co-Pilot. Think: a jerking sense of melody, guitar used as both propulsive blast and rhythmic crunch, a breathless approach to vocal insistence, and all of it delivered with right-now urgency." Now the Baltimore noise pop foursome featuring members of Big Mouth and Sam Whitelaw of Crimson Wave (R.I.P.!) release "I Believe You, Ok," their first proper EP (though calling "Too Pooped To Pip" a demo severely downplays how fully-realized it is), an eight-song record with quick bursts of swift, sometimes melancholy punk, coming out on cassette via D.C.'s Sister Polygon Records as a cassette and vinyl via Baltimore label, 2020 Records. 8 p.m., The Holy Underground, 2021 Maryland Ave.,, $7. (Brandon Soderberg)

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