Saturday: "Playroom"

Nov. 21

As we've written about previously in this paper, artist-run spaces are great because they have fewer people to answer to, typically, compared to bigger institutions or commercial galleries. They run the show, and can be as creative and challenging and innovative as they want to be. That they do it all mostly out of their own pockets also speaks to their spirit: They're doing it because they just really want to. Since the artist-run space Bb opened last November (and, full disclosure, is run by former classmates of mine), we've stopped in a few times; we enjoyed Fiona Sergeant's objects and drawings in "Somethings," and Amy Stober's texturally nostalgic paintings and Anna Topuriya's quiet painted collages in "A Living Landscape of Primordial Splendor"; we attended a very chill but informative PowerPoint presentation by rapper and writer Abdu Ali (also a CP contributor) on inclusivity in the arts scene (among other things); we made drawings on one or two drawing nights; and we were audience members at a "Talk Show" featuring interviewees Bunny Vicious and John Voigt (a burlesque performer and musician/artist, respectively), where the room was set up to look like, well, duh, a talk show—a clever way to make lectures more engaging. And tonight there's a site-specific exhibition by Texas-based artist Alex Goss, who'll be turning the space into a day care center, touching on "embedded messages in public environments," according to one of the curators. Through Dec. 12, Opening reception 7-10 p.m., Bb, 427 N. Eutaw St.,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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