Saturday: Pikseville Rye Free Funeral

Dec. 17

Back on Nov. 23, Station North restaurant Colette held a farewell party for Pikesville Rye, the cheap Maryland-style rye that's a favorite to many here and is no longer being produced. It was a nice little affair, with drink specials and special menu items that all incorporated Pikesville in some way. The Pikesville and hot apple cider I had was quite good. But now it's time for the funeral, for this is a death after all and we must grieve our loss. Mobtown Ballroom is hosting this funeral service and encourages all attendees to wear black, which you'd damn well better do. Have a little respect for the deceased! As Mobtown's Facebook event page for the funeral notes, Pikesville was a "dear friend, workhorse, companion, lover, and no-account villain." Gatherers will celebrate its life with testimonials, music, and other celebrations. Mobtown Ballroom has four cases of the stuff left, and no doubt much of it will be gone by night's end. If you have a sip to spare, pour some out for our dearly departed Pikesville Rye. 8-11 p.m., Mobtown Ballroom, 861 Washington Blvd., (443) 699-3040,, free. (Brandon Weigel)

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