Saturday: "Nyu Hafu"

July 9

We're mostly familiar with Kaita Niwa's work through her "Paddles": a series of small-ish resin shapes that house prints of anime characters, Fiji water bottles, fried eggs, knives, and more, which seem to be about many things, including consumption, industry, mass production, health, pop culture, and fetishes. "[N]et art, religious icons, sex toys, kids' toys from the '90s, and a mess of other loaded or enticingly tactile stuff comes to mind," wrote Maura Callahan about Niwa's work, in our guide to this year's Publications and Multiples Fair VII. In Niwa's show at Terrault (which has just moved into the Maryland Art Place building), her work seems to be shifting towards a much more personal narrative; she dedicates the show to her estranged sister, and says that she's addressing personal issues of gender identity, sexuality, and race, with "playful moments of levity and humor." Opening reception 7-10 p.m., on display through July 30, Terrault Contemporary, 218 W. Saratoga St., 3rd Floor,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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