Saturday: Night Hike In Druid Hill Park

March 19

I've spent plenty of time in Druid Hill Park, but it wasn't until a recent Sunday that I crossed the Wyman Park Drive bridge and explored the back hills of the park that run between the zoo and Jones Falls Expressway, all the way up toward Woodberry. Several old roads wind through the hilly, heavily forested terrain, and there are several municipal dumps used to store old marble steps and stonework. It feels like you're isolated in the woods, but I-83 and sweeping views of the old mills down by the falls and parts of Hampden, Roland Park, and Woodberry. The Friends of Druid Hill Park are leading a twilight walk of this very same stretch, and it'd be well worth your time to explore this patch of wilderness in Baltimore's borders. It's roughly six miles of walking, so be sure to bring water and a snack. 8-10 p.m., Druid Hill Park, Rawlings Conservatory, 3100 Swann Drive, (443) 281-3538,, $10. (Brandon Weigel)

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