Saturday: Naptime Artist Talk with Bonnie Crawford Kotula

March 4

In "The Argonauts," Maggie Nelson wrote spectacularly about the prelude to motherhood—pregnancy and birth—in all of its visceral, difficult, emotional, painful glory. Most cultures, she writes, promote the idea that having children is the ultimate goal to a fulfilled life, yet when it comes to artwork that is made about them, it's often considered lowbrow or at best uninteresting. Numerous artists and writers (including Nelson) have worked to defy that, while also refusing to be put in a box, including local artist Bonnie Crawford Kotula, whose immersive "or if there be flooding" exhibit at School 33 takes its name from a 19th century book called "Advice to a Wife and Mother" and refers to postpartum hemorrhaging. The artist loosely applies feelings of loss, shock, worry, and terror in this quiet installation, with painted twigs and soft sculptures that resemble sea anemones or phalluses emerging from the walls, among dozens of tiny blinking lights in an otherwise dark room. See the work for yourself this afternoon and listen to the artist discuss her work and studio practice—blankets and pillows will be provided. 2-4 p.m., School 33 Art Center, 1427 Light St., (443) 263-4350,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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