Saturday: Lisa Moody's 'Under The Cherry Moon' Costume Ball

June 25

So, back at the end of April, the Paradox had its going away events, though it hasn't quite yet gone away. Not that we're complaining here—the city's premiere dance club can have going away party after going away party for all we care. Still, the end is near for the club—its owner, Wayne Davis, has sold it—so take advantage of every Dox event that happens. Here we've got one of the Dox's most dedicated events, Deep Sugar, featuring Ultra Nate and Lisa Moody (this show is in part a birthday celebration for Moody), The Elders, Mookie Brock, Shawn Q, DJ Byron, and King Tutt. It's also a costume party, based around Prince's moody, weird-as-hell black and white movie, "Under the Cherry Moon" and its 1920s French Riviera setting. 9 p.m., The Paradox, 1310 Russell St., (410) 837-9110,, $12-$15. (Brandon Soderberg)

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