Saturday: Le1f, Junglepussy, Abdu Ali, TT The Artist

April 16

A few years ago, there was a rather frustrating moment in which music websites lumped a bunch of queer MCs into the same thinkpiece and declared "queer rap" a thing. It was good for "out" rappers such as NYC futurist Le1f to get some attention, but the indelicate, hot take approach was also a little icky and paradoxically boxed in these boundary-breaking rappers. And here in Baltimore, the home of Miss Tony, "gay rap" as a trend seemed ridiculous, especially because of highly visible MCs such as Abdu Ali and TT The Artist. Still, this show at one of the city's bigger venues is a good example of Baltimore's significant contributions to an influential QTPOC-fueled rap/dance/noise scene that's been bubbling underground for a few years now. Le1f's touring based on his snarling, spacey 2015 album "Riot Boi" and he brings with him rapper Junglepussy—who was first brought to Baltimore around this time two years ago by Abdu Ali for Kahlon, by the way. 7 p.m., Baltimore Soundstage, 124 Market Place, (410) 244-0057,, $18-$20. (Brandon Soderberg)

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