Saturday: "How To Die In Oregon"

Nov. 14

This free screening of Peter Richardson's 2011 assisted-suicide documentary is organized by Compassion & Choices Baltimore, a group whose goal it is to increase awareness about end-of-life choices. The documentary focuses on a few people who are choosing to end their lives (including Nancy Niedzielski, who fought for passage of the Death with Dignity Act in Washington State on behalf of her husband, and Cody Curtis, whose liver cancer returned), and the national debate surrounding the right to die. You'll leave the movie with a better sense of the arguments, the absurdity of the controversy (this is for the most part an advocate documentary), and perhaps an awareness of one's own mortality. As City Paper's Ashley Stephenson wrote about the movie last year, "death is tastefully dealt with by way of sensitive cinematography and wise editing. A cut to wide shot appears at a crucial moment that makes Cody [Curtis'] demise even more heart-wrenching and affecting and underlines how important this choice was for the dying 54-year-old." 1 p.m., The Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., (410) 276-1651,, free. 

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