Saturday: Home Movie Day: Baltimore

Oct. 15

With a  video camera, a car, and the expanse of the Baltimore County suburbs at our disposal, my friends and I set out to make movies when we were in high school and didn't do much in the way of drinking. They were part send-up of, part homage to the goofy straight-to-video action, horror, sci-fi, and/or thriller movies we found on the shelves at our local Blockbuster. This event, held across the world, allows amateur auteurs to have their movies shown on the big screen, just like in the theaters (Sorry, the deadline to submit was Oct. 7.) What's ultimately selected to be screened may be serious or funny or campy or just some family video from years gone by, but no matter what it is, it will not exceed 10 minutes. No need to worry about being bored. And as Baltimore's favorite filmmaker John Waters puts it, "There's no such thing as a bad home movie." 8 p.m., 2640 Space, 2640 St. Paul St., (443) 602-7585,, free. (Brandon Weigel)

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