Saturday: Hoi Polloi: An Experimental Fashion Event

April 2

Most years, I leave the MICA Fiber Department's annual experimental fashion show with my jaw on the floor. It's a barrage of often exquisite fashion pieces, yes; but that's really just a part of the show. Each of the graduating artists creates a theatrical, multi-media narrative, complete with skilled models and performers, specific lighting and sound design, and sometimes audience participation—it's equal parts performance art and fashion design. The performative manifestations of the collections have ranged from joyous expressions of absurdity to timely social critiques to straight-up runway slayage. And it's fun to sit in the front row of the audience and put your hand on your chin and pretend to be Tim Gun or Anna Wintour or Kanye or whatever. 5:30 and 8:30 p.m., Lithuanian Hall, 851 Hollins St., (410) 669-9200,, $14 ($7 for students). (Maura Callahan)

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