Saturday: "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" The Party! 30th Anniversary Celebration

June 18

Thirty years ago two amateur filmmakers, Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, brought a camera to the parking lot outside a Judas Priest show in Landover, Maryland and filmed their conversations with fans. The resulting 17-minute film became a cult phenomenon and an anthropological study that both studies and subtly mocks its subjects—beer-swilling metal fans talking about partying and sex and shitting on classic rock. Deadspin recently called it "The 'Citizen Kane' of Wasted Teenage Metalness," which is a true, though narrowly focused assessment. What better way to celebrate than, well, partying in a parking lot? Union Craft Brewing's lot, to be specific. The brewery is making a beer in the film's honor, featuring a can with illustrations from CP contributor Alex Fine. And there will be a screening of the film, introduced by Heyn; a party with several alumni; and a cover band playing Priest, Iron Maiden, and other hard rock acts of the era. The only remaining question is: Who's gonna film it? 7-11 p.m., Union Craft Brewing, 1700 Union Ave., Suite D, (410) 467-0290,, $14.50 (free if your name is Dave and "you're ready to rock" or if your name is Graham, you know, like "gram of dope and shit"). (Brandon Weigel)

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