Saturday: Hardcore Cares: Charm City Benefit

May 13

In the Canine galaxy, on Dog Earth, dogs of all breeds get together after leaving their dog jobs to raise money (treats are their currency) to help out less fortunate dogs that are discriminated against, without homes, and abused. In the good ole Milky Way on regular Earth, it’s left up to us to take care of our furry friends. Pit bulls are a particularly maligned breed; time and again they have been represented as beasts when in fact new evidence suggests they’re less aggressive than the A-lister’s top accessory, the Chihuahua. The Baltimore Bully Crew is a volunteer non-profit that breaks down pit bull myths while finding homes for the often demonized and mistreated breed and combating dogfighting in Baltimore—and they need your support. Better yet, come out and contribute to the cause while checking out some “ruff”-and-tumble bands like Cop Stabber, Stout, Oldham Boys, and Last Call Hooligans. The show is part of a campaign formed by the Baltimore Bully Crew and the Detroit Bully Corps. 8 p.m., The Sidebar, 218 E. Lexington St., (410) 659-4130,, $12 Donation (Kenneth Stone Breckenridge)

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