Saturday: GRL PWR & Discwoman

June 25

This collaboration between the ongoing Grl Pwr events organized by Amy Reid of Chiffon (this is the fifth Grl Pwr event) and Discwoman, a New York-based collective "representing and showcasing cis women, trans women, and genderqueer talent in electronic music" (and also, occasionally, a music festival) takes over both rooms of the Crown. On the lineup are a number of the most consistent local performers and DJs in the area, including TT The Artist (pictured), DJ Trillnatured, Genie, Isabejja, DJ Haram, and Sunatirene, along with Vague Output's Bastet, Raleigh's DJ Pancakes, and New York's Bearcat. All of this for just seven bucks—as the Facebook event for Grl Pwr & Discwoman notes, somewhat annoyed if the massive ellipses is any indication, "that's less than 1$ per performer..........." 9 p.m., the Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4848,, $7. (Brandon Soderberg)

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