Saturday: Fringe Festival Comedy: A Whitelock Community Farm Benefit Show

Nov. 14

Sometimes it feels like the world we're living in is pure garbage. Day after day we get news of countless injustices and horrible acts of violence, and such oppressive structures as white supremacy and patriarchy maintain their choke hold on our world, and, well, it's just a lot to reckon with in the day to day. But we have to try to peer out from this garbage blanket under which we find ourselves trapped, and for our collective sanity we need to look for the bright spots, the things that fill us with a sense that there is still good in the world, that there are indeed people with plans and projects to make parts of the world better, and people whose work tries to keep things light—like comedy and community farms! See, at this show you get to laugh at or with a couple of funny local comics, Jason Weems (above) and Mike Finazzo. And at the same time, with your donation you're supporting a great, local initiative: the Reservoir Hill-based Whitelock Community Farm, which works with the community to grow healthy and affordable produce (more than 30 kinds of fruits and vegetables, with no pesticides) and teaches people how to cook what they grow. 8:30-10:30 p.m., Liam Flynn's Ale House, 22 W. North Ave.,, $5 suggested donation. 

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