Saturday: Deep Sugar with the Jungle Brothers

April 9

For a hot minute in the early '90s, there was this thing called "hip-house." It mixed the hard-hitting lyricism of rap with the lithe, dance-able beats of house music. For the most part, it was a strange amalgam that didn't really stick, though it yielded plenty of good songs (especially out of Chicago, where the subgenre originated), including at least one Baltimore-brewed hit, Sagat's 'Funk Dat,' and one superstar group, New York's the Jungle Brothers, whose 1989 hit, 'I'll House You,' in some ways popularized the blueprint for hip-house. Hip-house held strong in Baltimore and, in many ways, Baltimore club was born out of a necessity: Baltimore wanted more hip-house even after most people stopped making it, so locals started mixing house and hip-hop sounds resulting in the foundational elements of Bmore club music. So, it's appropriate that the Jungle Brothers have been invited to Ultra Nate's Deep Sugar, one of the final events at infamous Baltimore nightclub the Paradox. 11 p.m., The Paradox, 1310 Russell St., (410) 837-9110,, $12-$15 before midnight and $18-$20 after midnight. (Brandon Soderberg)

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